Risk Frontiers is an independent research centre sponsored by the insurance industry to aid better understanding and pricing of natural hazard risks in the Asia-Pacific region. It was founded in 1994 to service the specialized needs of its sponsors in the local insurance and international reinsurance markets.  Its aims were to:

  • undertake risk assessment and research into natural hazards,
  • develop databases of natural hazards and their impacts on communities and
    insured assets, and
  • develop loss models to improve the pricing of natural hazard catastrophe risks.

These activities remain the core business of Risk Frontiers today, although it now undertakes studies on a much wider range of risk-related problems and for a client base that extends well beyond the insurance sector. It is the preferred provider of research to the NSW State Emergency Service and works with various government agencies and a number of corporate and utility organisations on risk-related issues. .  Read more.

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Geoscience Letters

A post-Tohoku earthquake review of earthquake probabilities in the Southern Kanto District, Japan

by Paul Somerville

Published in Geoscience Letters
a SpringerOpen Journal

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  Newsletter Vol 14 Issue 1

Newsletter Volume 14, Issue 1

  • Measuring Tropical Cyclone Windspeeds
  • Reinsurance Lessons from the Christchurch Earthquakes
  • Risk Frontiers Seminar Series 2014

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AIR June 2014

Time varying earthquake hazard

This article byPaul Somerville was published in the June issue of Asia Insurance Review.

"Until recently, it has been commonly assumed in seismic hazard and earthquake risk calculations that earthquakes occur randomly in space and time. However, there is clear evidence that earthquakes are clustered in both space and time, says Professor Paul Somerville from Risk Frontiers" read more

AIR advertisement July 2014

Risk Frontiers' Advertisement

This advertisement appeared in the July issue of Asia Insurance Review

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RMS Opens RMS(one) to Third-Party Catastrophe Modelers

Clients Offered a More Comprehensive Suite of Catastrophe Modeling Capabilities, with ERN, JBA Risk Management, and Risk Frontiers to be First Partners Delivering Models on New RMS(one) Platform.
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  multi-peril workbench

Multi-Peril Workbench Version 2 now available for commercial licensing.

Risk Frontiers' Multi-Peril Workbench combines all Risk Frontiers' Australian loss models in a single easy-to-use package. For more information contact